It has been said by some of our competitors that the larger spherical pellets shape of their product provides superior fluidisation

To test this out we set up a test side by side between our pellets and a spherical brand in two identical Deltec FR509 reactors.

We added 1 lt to each reactor and ran the same measured flow rate through each.
We then created a video of the results below( click please):
You can see for yourself that there is no difference in the way that the two products fluidise and by following a single pellet can see that they travel up the reactor at the same speed.
If anything the cylindrical shape of the NutriFix pellet causes it to tumble which will remove more bacterial mulm into the water column.
Surface Area
Comparing the two pellets you will see that the NutriFix Pellet is much smaller and therefore will have a significantly larger surface area for colonisation by the bacteria which is a definite benefit as it allows more access to the carbon source allowing you to grow a larger colony and export more nutrient.