Tanks and cabinets can be purchased without any ancillary equipment or can be fully loaded to a specification of the customer's own choice.

Typical options would be:

  • T5 or Metal Halide lighting options which can be painted to match the aquarium.
  • Glass Sump with all pipework from the overflow box.
  • Sprinkler filter - a very efficient wet/dry aerobic sprinkler filter with spinning head.
  • ECO Cooler - a low running cost evaporative cooler which can match most refrigerant coolers but without the running cost or the noise.
  • Protein skimmer to suit chosen tank size. 
  • Return pump system using either a silent Deltec HLP Pump or an Eheim submersible.
  • Closed Loop Systems and extra dry chambers to achieve surging water flows with in the aquarium by using a Deltec HLP Interval Pump or IKS control unit.
  • Caulerpa Bed with Lighting.
  • Calcium Reactor with all piping connections.
  • Kalkwasser Stirrer.
  • Top Up Reservoir, pump and controller.
  • Plug Bar Systems.
  • Reef Flushing Systems - to blast detritus from behind rocks and in dead spaces for removal by the overflow.
  • Any other equipment that can be thought of can be quoted on request.