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Full instruction manual for DDP4 Pro cloud dosing pump. Please note this is only for the Cloud version dosing pump supplied with coloured hose.

       Product Information


The D-D P4 PRO Cloud is a 4-channel intelligent dosing pump with WIFI control. This unit will allow the automated addition of liquid additives and elements in an accurate, controlled manor to your aquarium.  In a reef aquarium regular dosing of elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, KH buffers and trace elements set to the needs of the aquarium will help produce a stable environment. This will support water quality and enhance coral growth.

The D-D DDP4 PRO uses Kamoer patented geared pump heads to ensure that the pump head does not slip and rust, and each channel is distinguished by a different colour pump housing. In addition, highly reliable threaded joints are used to ensure no leaks occur at connections to the pump head. The pump heads use Pharmed long life pump tubing.

Product features

  • Compact space saving design, 250Lx90Wx70H mm including pump heads.
  • Kamoer's patented gear-driven pump head ensures that the pump head will not slip or rust.
  • Highly reliable threaded joints on pump heads.
  • Colour coded pump heads.
  • Pharmed BPT pump tube offers long life, heat resistance, acid/alkali resistance and ozone/UV resistance.
  • Up to 24 dosing plans per day per channel, 1-99 day cycle dosing per channel or specified weekly dosing per channel.
  • Each channel can be individually calibrated.
  • D-D P4 Pro has a real-time clock and will automatically run according to the APP setting parameters. In the case of power loss, the dosing pump setting parameters are retained.
  • The Kamoer Remote App supports iOS and Android to control the dosing pump through WIFI. The D-D P4 Pro firmware can be updated via the APP.
  • Requires 2.4G WiFi connection.


Please check for delivery damage before unpacking.

Once opened, please inspect the product for any visible damage and check all parts are included. If any defects are found when unpacking, please contact your retailer immediately.

Box Contents

  • D-D P4 Pro Dosing pump body.
  • 12v DC Power adapter.
  • Plastic Measuring Cylinder.
  • 4 x 2m Lengths of Coloured hose.
  • Tube holder.

Product Layout


1.Pump head (Counter clockwise rotation)


3. Inlet

4. WIFI status indicator (Red)

5. Power indicator (Green)

6. Reset button (Reset)

       7. CAN Communication interface (for future development)

       8. Power input (DC 12V)





Status indicator Red


Connected to the Cloud via router


Disconnected from the router

Fast Flashing

Pump is in configuration mode

Slow Flashing

Disconnected from the Cloud

(Will also show when unit is initially powered up)

Power indicator Green


Unit is powered up normally


No power to unit



Positioning the pump

The dosing pump is a self-priming pump. When there is big difference between the inlet and the outlet height, siphoning may occur. In order to avoid siphoning, the dosing pump should be placed in a position to ensure that the height difference between the inlet and the outlet is within 0.5m.

The inlet tube should be as short as possible, and the outlet tube should not be submerged.

Coloured tubes are provided to match the dosing pump heads for easy reference. Extra lengths of these are available as an optional extra (Part code DDCT01).

Please carefully check that the inlet and outlet tube connections are correct on the pump head and that the hoses are pushed fully onto the hose connection pipe collets before installation.

The pump should be secured into place or installed in a stable location not above open water or very humid environments. A specially designed mounting bracket is available as an optional extra for secure fixing (Part code DDP4BKPRO).

Installing the App

Option 1: Scan the QR code on quick start leaflet included with the pump and download the app corresponding to the icon below.


         IOS                                                                         Android


Option 2: Apple users visit the Apple the App Store, Android users visit the Google Play store, search for "Kamoer Remote", find the app download of the corresponding icon.

Kamoer Remote App supports Android 4.4 and above and supports iOS 9.1 and above.

Register your Cloud Account

You will need to register an account and login on the Kamoer remote app before using your dosing pump. Choose to register via E-mail or mobile then follow the onscreen instructions to complete registration and login.


Connect the Dosing pump to the Cloud

Make sure your mobile device is connected to your home network, the location services on the mobile device are enabled and that the Kamoer Remote app permissions are set correctly from your mobile devices settings page.

Please note the device does not support 5G Wi-Fi and cannot use a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot. If your internet supplier’s router is running a mixed mode 2.4ghz/5ghz Wi-Fi network please check their online instructions, website or support forum to de-synchronise the bands into two separate 2.4 and 5ghz networks before attempting to connect the pump.

Connect the power supply to the DC 12v socket on the side of the dosing pump and plug in to a mains power source

After the dosing pump is turned on for the first time, the status indicator (red light) will flash slowly and the power indicator (Green) should be on. At this time you need to use the Kamoer Remote App to connect the dosing pump through the wireless router to the cloud.

Open the App, click the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner of the device to add the device.

Under the D-D H2Ocean heading Select “P4 PRO Dosing pump” in the list of supported devices.


Enter you 2.4G Wifi network password and then when prompted tap next.

Press and hold the reset button on the right panel side of the dosing pump. When the red status indicator flashes twice, and the buzzer sounds twice, release the button immediately.

Wait another 3 seconds. The red status indicator will then start to flash rapidly. The device enters configuration mode.

When the dosing pump is in configuration mode, click "indicator blinking" on the App to start the connection. This may take a few moments.

After the connection is successful, the App will confirm the successful connection and the status light on the dosing pump will show solid red.

At this point the dosing pump is connected to the cloud and the dosing program can be set via the app.

Programming the dosing pump

To Program the dosing pump, open the Kamoer Remote App, and select the device you want to program from the available devices list.

With the device selected the main plan page will be displayed. This shows the four individual pump heads and their associated dosing plans. At this stage, as there are no programs set “no plan added” will appear under each pump heading.

When set the volume of available dosing solution will also be displayed here for each pump.

The default names for the Pump heads are set to Pump 1 – 4 these can be changed to indicate the solution they are adding, see the settings chapter in this manual.

From this page the individual pump heads can also be turned off using the blue toggle associated with each pump head. This way the dosing plan can be stopped without having to delete the set plan and then restarted, when required, by setting the toggle to on.

Setting the Dosing Plans

To set the dosing plan select the pump head you want to programme by tapping on it. This will open the plan page for that pump head.

Tap on ‘Cycle time’ and choose if you want to set up the schedule dosing frequency ‘By Days’ or ‘Weekly’

‘By Days’ will set the pump to dose every ‘X’ days, e.g. every 3 days. This can be set from every 1 day to a maximum of every 99 days.

‘Weekly’ will allow you to choose the days of the week that you want to dose, e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When you have chosen the frequency tap ‘Save’ in the top right hand corner.










To set the dosing volume tap on the ‘+’ button in the top right corner. Then set the name of the dosing plan and the time period to dose. It is factory set from 00:00 to 23:59 so that the dosing volume will be added throughout the full day, it can set to dose for a limited period e.g. between 10:00 and 18:00. Once the times have been set tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Select the ‘Quick Add’ tab. Enter the total amount that you would like to dose during the period selected in the previous step and how many times to split that dose. For example, if the ‘Total add’ is set to 10ml and the ‘Add times’ to 24 the pump would automatically split a 10ml dose in to 24 smaller doses throughout the set period.

The number of times the dose can be split will be determined by the overall time period set for the plan and the total volume to be dosed.

By tapping on the Eye logo next to the save button a detailed plan preview will be shown based on the ‘Add times’ and ‘Total add’ figures. This will show when the pump will run and how much it will add on each dose.

From here set the Anti-chemical interference can also be set. This prevents two or more channels dosing at the same time. The time set in here will delay the automatically calculated program for that channel.

For example, if the first two channels are set to dose 10ml, between 12:00 and 23:00, over 8 doses with the chemical interference set to ‘0’. Both enter the first dose at 12:00 at the same time. They will then continue to dose at exactly the same time throughout the day until they complete their program. If the chemical interference is set to ‘0’ on the first channel and ‘3’ on the second, the first channel will run as described above but the second channel will start its first dose at 12:03 and then continue with an automatically programmed 3 minutes delay on every dose.

When finished tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner to store the plan.


Finally set the amount of dosing solution available by tapping the ‘Set’ button. This gives a real time view of how much and how many days of dosing solution are available. When the dosing solution is low the icon will change to yellow.

The plan page for the pump head programmed will now show the completed settings.