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The Second Generation of ClariSea Fleece Filters




Introducing the next generation of ClariSea Fleece Filters. 

The ClariSea Gen 2 will be available in two sizes, an SK-3000 capable of up to 3,000 litres of water per hour, and the SK-5000 for 5,000 litres or around 1,300 gallons per hour. These two models are virtually identical in their dimensions with the larger SK-5000 being slightly longer – not taller- to increase the surface area of the filter material. There will also be a manual version of the SK-3000 available, that you can turn by hand with the option to upgrade it to an automatic with our Auto Advance Kit.

Freshwater HD PRIME LED

Something new for the freshwater aquarist... introducing the Freshwater HD Prime.

This new compact light is sure to be a big hit and displays all of the features & benefits of the saltwater PRIME. 

The Freshwater PRIME is the capable LED you know and love, now with a spectrum perfect for your planted tanks.

Find Stockist Deltec TwinTech Calcium Reactor

People who have heard of the development of this new reactor have been waiting eagerly in anticipation of it's release and it is now available to order.

The Twin Tech is a total saturation type reactor where the water in the reactor is fully saturated with CO2 and automatically maintains the correct level, taking away the requirement to adjust bubble or flow rates or the need for a pH controller.

Water throughput, in litres per day, is measured via a flow meter built into the unit on the controller which automatically adjusts the flow up or down by 2 buttons and displays it on a large digital display. As the dKH rises or falls in the aquarium, you simply turn up or down the daily volume and the programme in the controller does the rest.

Having used one of these reactors for the last 12 months I can attest to the ease of use, reliability and stability of dKH that the reactor produces.

3 models are currently available for aquariums up to 1500, 3000 and 10,000 litres.

New Kamoer Adjustable Peristaltic Pump with Stepper Motor

For those still running a conventional calcium reactor, we have worked with Kamoer to produce a new stepper motor driven peristaltic pump with a simple dial adjustment of flow rate which can be calibrated and read off on the digital display.

This type of pump is ideal for constant flow with a long lifespan rather than small volume intermittent dosing.

The next generation of Deltec Skimmers

The latest generation of Deltec skimmers will replace the SC1350/1351, SC1455/1456, SC1660 models.

Features include:
Double base which allows return water to flow from the lowest possible level to remove almost all micro bubbles. New 2 pipe clip in safety overflow system which prevents the cup from overflowing if the level rises in the sump.

Launch of New D-D Website

If you are reading this page then you have found your way to the NEW D-D website.

It has taken a long time to get to this point, mostly due to the wide variety of products and sheer volume of content but we think that we are now 99% complete and close enough to launch. We are still adding content so keep coming back to find more information.

The new site is fully responsive so you should be able to enjoy on both your mobile and desktop devices and has many new features.

The D-D Team