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Aquarium - 180 cm L x 85cm W x 75 cm H ( panoramic )

Sump - 127 cm L x 50cm W x 38cm H

Additional volume - 200L barrel off system used for water changes, constantly running on the system and taken offline and drained for water changes.

Cabinet - Steel framed Deltec Laminate, White chassis, black doors.

Weir - 3 standpipes ( balanced for noise)  2 x 40mm 1 x 32mm and two 25mm returns piped through the weir box.


3 x AI Hydra 52 HD 4 x AI Hydra 26 HD for wrap around lighting ( preset can be found here )

1 x Abyzz A200 return pump

1 x FR509 Rowaphos Reactor

3 x Tunze DC flow pumps 

1 x Large in sump skimmer

1 x Calcium reactor ( CO2 float based reactor ) 

1 x Schego titanium heater 300 watts

1 x D&D UV 39 watt

1 x D-D Chiller for hotter months

1 x 25l of siporax

1 x Cheato algae bed lit with Ai Prime

1 x Khg Alkalinity monitor

1 x Apex computer with the Khg connected for monitoring


Chemistry,Foods and Additvies

20% water changes Bi-Weekly using H2Ocean Pro Reef salt

Iodine addition Bi-weekly to maintain 0.6ppm Iodine

Bi-Weekly addition of Polyp Lab Reef roids and Reef booster at night when the corals are polyping

Daily addition of Polyp Lab Colours

Small Pellets foods for fish 4-6 times a day (little and often)

300ml of Rowaphos changed Bi-weekly

500ml of Rowa Carbon in a mesh bag changed 4 weekly

Aquarium Chemistry

Calcium 420-440

Alk 8-8.5 Dkh

Magnesium 1440

Iodine 0.3-0.6ppm

PO4 0.02-0.04ppm

Nitrate 2-5ppm

Temp - 25.5 -26 c 

Salinity 35 PPT / 1.0264 S.G at 25c




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