Tank and cabinet options on your new Deltec Aquarium.



Aquariums are availiable in any length, width or depth that can be transported to or constructed on site by hand or by crane however standard sizes are available and work out more cost effective.


Laminate - 3mm melamine laminate version availiable in 9 colours including a matt silver finish.

Trendline / Softline - Spray painted finish in either base colour or metallic finishes (eg Porsche Silver) in any colour imaginable and to an unbelievable quality of finish and depth of gloss. The specification is a full automotive level of finish.

Solid Wood - These products are no longer availiable


Square - Standard rectangle shape.

Panorama - front corners cut off or all corners if used as a partition (Multiple panorama).

Bow Front - available in some widths 130, 160,  200 as standard option or in other sizes at a special price due to the glass being specifically ordered and bent for your aquarium.

Variation of multiples of the above - ie square with a panorama or bow in the center.


Unbelievable quality of finish with all edges ground and polished even on the stress bars and sump tank.

Glass thickness at least one size up on the average UK standard as Deltec understand the real stresses that can be created in a tank over time and with vigorous water movement.

The tanks are built to cope with the stresses for the whole of their life, which may be up to 10 -15 years.

Options for overflow boxes and sump or internal filters or no filter. Dry boxes are used to allow passage of plugs and pipes from the base to the tank and hood so that nothing is seen outside of the aquarium.

The quality of silicone work is excellent and all carried out by hand in black silicone or clear as specified.


All cabinets have a metal frame, which undergoes a multistage, baked paint system for long life. This is critical to the strength of the tank in the long term.

The cabinet comes with adjustable feet to allow the tank to be leveled which is also paramount to reducing the stresses on the glass over time. The feet can be re-adjusted if any movement of the floor occurs.

Cabinets are fitted with a waterproof base to reduce spills and have an open back for ventilation.

The laminate finish units and Microreef are manufactured from a quality 3mm melamine laminate, which is cut with exceptional care and mounted to the frame. Edges are finished with a matching molding and the whole unit is mitred with very clean edges.

Trendline and Softline cabinets are manufactured from a special fully waterproof composite board which is machined to shape and assembled onto the frame then sent to the paintshop where the whole unit receives at least 3 coats of automotive quality 2 pack polyurethane paint which is baked hard between coats.

Doors on the Trendline and Softline units are hinged and removable with recessed handles whereas on the laminate units they slide from side to side and are also easily removable. Laminate system lids and doors are given increased strength by bonding pieces of polished glass to the inside of the laminate board.


Metalic colour options such as "Porsche Silver" literally use the paint supplied for painting Porsche cars, which is then lacquered to give a deep gloss inside and out including the frame.

The top cabinet or tank surround is given the same coating treatment and then mounted to the tank.