Instructions for use.

Mix together equal parts of each stick from the pack, kneading and rolling for at least 5 minutes until the colours merge and become uniform then mix for a further minute. To make the putty easier to work with, the pieces of unmixed putty can be warmed in a microwave for 5 -10 seconds making it more pliable.

In the putty state (i.e. before setting) Aquascape, like most chemicals in domestic use, may cause irritation to sensitive skins.

When mixing the two components it is therefore advisable to use rubber or disposable polythene gloves. If the hands have been used for mixing or manipulating Aquascape we recommend that you wash them immediately after use with toilet soap and warm water.


If the putty is cold then place the cut but unmixed pieces in a microwave for 4-5 (or more) seconds to soften the material making it easier to fully mix. Once mixed the putty can be put back into the microwave to significantly reduce the setting and final cure times.

Experimentation with microwave times is recommended however be aware that it is possible to burn the hands if handled after overheating the putty either before or after mixing.

When using in the aquarium it is common to find a powdery talcum material coming off the mixed putty, which can temporarily cloud the water. This residue is non toxic at low levels and can be reduced by mixing the putty under the tap or in a bucket of water before use. This can then be dried off and reworked.

If the aquarium becomes visibly cloudy then we suggest that you are overworking the putty in the water and should wait until this clears before using any more material.