SOL WIRE 02 set is for the direct hanging of single lights without using a rail kit.

Suitable for SOL or HYDRA lights ONLY, due to the specific thread length.



Installation: Threaded studs screw into the slider barrels and then into the two holes in the heatsink.

The wire is fixed to the ceiling using the ceiling adapter. Note that fixing screws are not supplied, as the choice of fixing will be determined by the specific ceiling structure. The wire passes through the slider barrel to allow for continuous height adjustment.



SOL WIRE 03 set has been specifically designed for suspension of the D-D RAIL KITS

Suitable for SOL/HYDRA/VEGA when used with a D-D RAIL KIT.




Installation: The balls on the ends of the shorter wire are designed to slide along the round section slot on the top of the D-D RAIL KIT. The shorter wire is then positioned on the end of the slider barrel by removing the screw, inserting the wire and holding into position with the screw. The main suspension wire is fixed to the ceiling using the ceiling adapter.

Note that fixing screws are not supplied, as the choice of fixing will be determined by the specific ceiling structure. The wire passes through the slider barrel to allow for continuous height adjustment.



Almost identical to the SOL WIRE 02 set but only suitable for use with the VEGA light due to the specific thread length.

Installation: as per the SOL WIRE 02 kit.



Part Number: AI CON 2


The MKII controller is suitable for use with all models of lights in the AI range. 



For use with a SOL light connect using the 3.5mm jack plug on the data lead supplied. Alternatively by purchasing an optional WIRELESS ADAPTER and USB ADAPTER you can connect to the SOL light or lights wirelessly.

If connecting via a data cable to the SOL then the controller will not need an additional power supply as it takes this from the sol light.



For VEGA and HYDRA lights you will communicate wirelessly with the controller and there is no option for wired control. You will also need to purchase a USB PLUG ADAPTER to power the controller if you do not have one spare around the house – see below for more information on this



Part Number: USB/UK or USB/EU

For use with the HYDRA or VEGA the controller will require a constant power supply from the mains. To obtain this you need to use the USB lead supplied with the controller and the additional USB plug (both available for UK and EU use)


USB ADAPTER PLUG shown is an example of the type supplied Part


If you use the SOL with a wireless adapter then you will require a USB PLUG ADAPTER to provide power to the controller, as there will no longer be any wired connection to the lights.



Part Number: SOL WA W (white) or SOL WA B (black)

Wireless adapters will provide the SOL light with a wireless connection to the MKII wireless controller. They are not required for the HYDRA or VEGA lights.

The adapter simply plugs into the existing data port on the SOL light.


It is possible to buy one wireless adapter per light to allow control of individual lights and sweeping functions or to use only one adapter and to daisy chain the remaining lights with the standard data cables. In this format all of the lights will be controlled together



Part Number: EXT 6, EXT 12, EXT 18 in anodised silver or EXT-6BK, EXT-12BK, EXT-18BK in black.

The hanging wire kit that screws into the EXT RAIL is EXT-HK.

Suitable for SOL, HYDRA and VEGA light units.



The EXT RAILS are available in 3 sizes – 6”, 12” and 18” lengths and connect lights together without using the D-D rail kit.  They are available in either black silver anodised finish to match the heatsink.

The EXT rail can be either suspended using the EXT-HK hanging wires or tank mounted using a tank mount set.

It is possible to connect multiple lights together with the EXT system and it is also possible to use the

SOL WIRE 02 or VEGA WIRE 04 hanging kits by screwing the threaded stud on the kit into the available bolthole on each end light.





Part Number: EXT-48 (silver) or EXT-48BK (black)



This optional bracket allows the EXT RAIL to be fixed as shown directly to the cabinet. The 48” mounting set consists of the upright bar and fixing bracket, and can be combined with the appropriate EXT RAIL in either 6”,12” or 18” depending on the width of the tank.

To install this bar to the cabinet it is necessary to have access to the mounting position to screw on the support block. It is possible to fix to the side of a cabinet if required.



Part Number: SOL RAIL 24 - H, SOL RAIL 36 - H, SOL RAIL 48 - H, SOL RAIL 60 – H, SOL RAIL 72 – H

These extremely popular rail kits are ideal for hanging multiple lights with ease using just one SOL WIRE 03 set to hang the rail. Rail feet are also available however the short height of these feet require consideation when mounting to ensure that the light is not mounted too close to the water.

Rails are available in 2,3,4,5 and 6ft lengths as either the conventional double rail set for lights to be suspended width wise, or a single rail set for lights suspended length wise. The rails are supplied kit form and incorporate a built in cable channel to allow you to neatly route the power leads to the end of the rail.

To suspend either the single or double rail kit please use the SOL WIRE 03 wire kit. The full length slot on the top of the rail allows you to slide the wires to any position which adds to the flexibility during the installation stage.