On rare occasions an AI Vega, Hydra or Hydra 52 may fail to respond after a firmware update , this often occurs due to wireless interference during the update causing a drop out of transfered information and a resulting corruption of the firmware.



To reset the light to factory state/firmware:


1. Hold down the red button on the side of the light

2. Remove the power jack from the light itself

3. Push the power jack back into the light whilst still holding in the red button.

4. Release the red button.


This will reset the light unit, you will now need to set the unit back into discovery mode :


1. Hold in the red button on the side of the unit

2. Keep the button held in for around 5-7 secs and until the status LED flashes red/green rapidly

3. Release the button and the status LED will turn solid red denoting that the light is in discovery mode and will be found by either the MK II controller or Director when searched for.

4. The light unit will then be updated to the latest firmware once connected to the controller/director


If the unit fails to update change the wireless channel in the Controller or Director settings and reset the light again using the guide above and retry.