For people wondering where the hydra sits in the AI family, read the following…..

The hydra is the replacement/upgrade for the SOL. Basically it is a hybrid between the SOL and the Vega. It has the wireless and additional colour options of the Vega but has the simplicity and single main board of the SOL and shares the SOL heatsink and FAN.

Why buy the Vega??

The vega is the upgraded big brother of the Hydra with a slimmer profile and 20 channels of control compared with the Hydra which has 7. This means that for the Hydra you can control each of the 7 colours but the Vega has the capacity to control each individual LED.

An Analogy

If the Hydra is the iPad 2 then the Vega is the iPad 3, does the same thing but has a slightly better screen and is slightly faster.

The Hydra is the VW Golf GT and the Vega is the Golf GTI.