Does the Vega use the same tank guidelines as the Sol?

No, the Vega and Sol are very different light modules. The Vega comes standard with our 80 degree five-up lenses. These lenses are designed to have the highest par approximately 4 inches above water line. The Vega lenses are optimized for spread using the glass to increase par on the sandbed and corners.

How many Vega’s do I need to cover my tank?

The Vega is designed to cover a 24 by 24 inch area.


The Vega’s fans are controlled based on temperature and only to turn on if needed

What size screw can I use to mount my Vega’s?

The Vega uses a #10-32, no longer than 1 inch in length. To use alternative mounting options use only this size screw and hand tighten until you feel resistance. Do not use a power operated tool to screw down the screw as this will cause damage to your Vega and void the warranty.

Does the Vega come with mounting screws?

Yes, all European CE versions of the Vega will include mounting screws, U.S versions are supplied seperately in the EXT kits and do not come with the light units.

Can the Vega be used on my existing Sol rails?

Yes, the Vega was designed to be backwards compatible with previous generation mounting solutions. However, the screws for the Sol may not be used on the Vega, the Vega can only be used with #10-32, no longer than 1" screw size.

Is the Vega compatible with third party controllers?

Currently, the Vega only works with AI controllers. Please check our webpage for future updates regarding third party compatibility.

My Vega will not respond to commands from my New Controller

What is the color of the diagnostic LED?

•The Vega is not associated with a controller.
•Discover light with controller.  See Quick Start Guide.

•The Vega is currently associated with a controller.  Press and hold the red button on the Vega for ~7 seconds (as indicated by the diagnostic LED blinking green/red/green/red).
•The diagnostic LED will turn red once the button is released.  Please see Quick Start Guide to re-discover your light.

How do I know if my Vega is communicating with my controller?

The diagnostic LED on the Vega will be green if it is associated with a controller.  Occasionally, you will see the diagnostic LED blink red (while still solid green) when the controller communicates to the Vega.  The New Controller signal strength indicator in the upper left controller of the screen indicates communication.

Can I control my Vega without a controller?

Yes, the Vega was designed with basic controls by pressing the red button you may cycle through intensities of 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 by pressing the red button. You may only use this mode if the Vega is not being controlled by a controller.

I want to show off my Vega to my friends, is there a demonstration mode?

To go into demo mode hold the red button for 3 seconds, to stop demo mode press and hold the red button again until the sequence stops, then release.

More tips

- Always plug power into the outlet/power strip first, then plug into the lights (VEGA ONLY, not SOL)

- To find the lights the indicator light on the side of the Vega needs to be RED.

- To get it to Red discovery mode, hold down red button for approx. 7 seconds untili it flashes red/green rapidly, then release. Button should be red.

- Go into your controller and 4) Setup Lights. Make sure it is set to Vega.

- To use the Vega without a controller make sure it is in RED discovery mode and tap the red button on the unit, this will cycle the unit through its power settings 20% at a time i.e 0--20--40--60-80-100% then back to 0