Use of Aquascape Epoxy with larger Corals | D-D The Aquarium Solution

I am extremely unsatisfied with your aquarium epoxy. It does NOT hold anything but the smallest of the small frags. For attaching colonies to rocks, i have completely given up and am switching to a different more trusted brand that i have never had problems with in the past.





This epoxy is sold in large volumes globally and found to be the most popular product over here in Europe. We sell a lot in the US too where it is also very popular and I have had a lot of very positive comments from people who frag corals for a business at frag swaps etc.

If however you are looking to bond larger corals it is very important to support the piece until the glue starts to go off. The other thing to do is to wrap the epoxy around or push it into any holes where you are bonding the coral rather than expecting it to support a fairly large piece by face to face adhesion.

It will also go off faster if you microwave the epoxy for about 10 seconds as the cross linking effect starts to occur.

I appreciate your feedback on our product and hope that with this information that you continue to use the product.