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Dear Rowa, 

The following company :
based in canada is selling FXXXX XXXXX phosphate resin is saying its the same as the RowaPhos product. In addition, he gave some stores the direct phone number of Bayer Germany so they can check what he said. Apparently, Bayer personnal confirm that FXXXX XXXXX and Rowaphos are the same product.....
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Response from Rowa

Dear Stuart, 

we are not sure that we really understand what you mean. So please let me explain 2 points:  We produce ROWAphos here at our location. There comes no raw precursor product from Bayer or any other chemical factory for ROWAphos. It is possible that FXXXX XXXXX gets its product from Bayer. But in this case it is absolutely not the same product compared to ROWAphos.
We cannot imagine that anyone at Bayer says that ROWAphos is the same  like FXXXX XXXXX resins. That is not true. We know the Bayer product very well and made tests with it. It is similar but  the chemical structure is different. For this reason our test results showed approx. 30 % less capacity compared to ROWAphos. Our high capacity depends on the humidity. There is a lot of water stored in the micropores of ROWAphos. The Bayer product is dry. If you water it subsequently the capacity will not increase. That doesn’t work.
We got the patent of the manufacturing technology not on the single chemical product. We can take legal proceedings only if they say that it is the same like ROWAphos.
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