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Lately I have an annoying problem that my interest connection drop out and anything connected to the router doesn’t have connection till I reset the router and the happens a lot


Now my firstly my thought was the router I’m with sky and they changed the router the problem went away I slowly over a week added the devices back to the router the last device was my hydra 26s then a little while after the connection from the router dropped again so no internet.


I’m thinking that this has been since the last update to the light. I have tried everything meaning resetting to factory, resetting network, setting up on iPad and android also making sure the connection is to a 2.5ghz even just connecting them to the router on there own all still the same. Hoping you can help with my issue

Dear Mark
Thanks for your email. 
So just to confirm, all devices such as the lights, laptops, phones etc still report that they are connected to the router via Wi-Fi but the ability to open a web page or connect to the internet becomes problematic?
If so then this would point to the Virgin router detecting that the lights are a security risk and is possibly shutting down ‘port 80’ to the internet. We have seen this once this week with a virgin router and we think its possibly a router firmware update rather than the lights that is causing the issue. 
As the issue only seems to be affecting Virgin routers and even then only two units we know of there isnt much we can do im afraid as if the router is actually locking down internet access on your local network the issue will be with the router settings rather than the lights and from a technical support stand point we can only advise on light support as we do not have a working knowledge of every router available or their settings/firmwares.
It maybe worth logging into the routers home page and checking out the ‘port forwarding’ options and see if you can set port 80 outside the port forwarding firewall, also check other settings on the 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi network which maybe causing security issues.
Probably the easiest and simplest solution would be to run the lights in direct mode and move them off of the local area network completely.
To do this hold down the button on the side of each light until the status light flashes green and release. ( network reset ) Allow the lights to reset their network and for the status light to start to flash green on and off.
Open Settings - Wi–fi on your Ipad / Iphone , you should see 3 lights available to connect too. Connect to the serial number of the old parent.
When connected open the My AI App.
You will then be able to open the old group ( don’t bother trying to log into the AI cloud log in as this wont be online or required anymore as you will be in direct mode off of the local network) 
Whilst in the light groups control page tap the ‘devices’ option and reconnect the two old children to the parent again.
Once they are connected you may have to rejoin the parent from Settings – Wifi on your phone  ( come out of the app) and go back into the app and open the group again as when the parent pairs to the lights you may lose connectivity to the parent momentarily and the App will report a ’time out’ error.
Once set up this way you will have complete control of the lights in direct mode away from your local Wi-Fi network, just remember to connect to the Wi-Fi of your Parent light before you open the App each time ( the children will be hidden as wifi  network access points once connected to the parent , their status lights should show as solid blue with the parent blinking green in direct mode) 
Just remember to connect to the Wi-Fi of the parent before opening the App each time you wish to control.
A set up video showing direct mode can be found below , this shows the light in full discovery reset  mode I.e  blue green –blue –green status but this will also work if you network reset all lights I.e flashing green status . By network resetting all your old settings will be saved.
I hope this helps Tony