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AUTOAQUA Qeye and QShooter.

Keep a close eye on your aquarium and its inhabitants with the new AUTOAQUA Qeye. Qeye is an easy to install 720p Wi-Fi enabled camera that allows viewing of your aquarium at or away from home. Just connect the camera to your home network by scanning the included QR code into the AUTOAQUA App (Available for Android and IOS devices ). The camera can also pan by 120 degrees.

The optional QShooter makes the perfect partner for the Qeye camera by allowing you to 'Shoot' a measured portion size of small pellet food directly from the App whilst your at work, on holiday or even across the room! This makes for an ideal feeding method for fish that require multiple feeds during the course of a day such as Anthia's or new additions that shy away from feeding when the tank owner is close by.



  • Easy QR Code Setup
  • HD 720P Resolution
  • Wireless P2P WIFI Technology
  • Snapshot and Video Recording
  • Pan 120 Control
  • Magnet Mounting up to 3/4in



  • Shoots Pellet Fish Food
  • Refill Alarm
  • Shooting Power Setting
  • Adjustable Shooting Angle
  • Remote Control
  • Moisture Free Canister
Qeye combo

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