Ozone and the MCE600 skimmer


I recently purchased A TMC V2 Ozone generator. It is used with my Deltec MCE 600 Skimmer.
The instruction book for the ozone generator says, if I use a controller for the generator I should program the V2 ozone generator to maximum time and output as recommended in the instruction book.

I am asking this as the Deltec skimmer instructions says I should use a maximum of 25mg /h. Which would be only one Led showing on the generator, and not 10 Leds as when turned to maximum output.
With only one Led showing I am unable to raise the MV to the best level.

Hope you can help.

Kind Regards


Hi Kenneth.

As per the instructions I can confirm that the skimmers maximum recommended input of 03 should not exceed 25mg/hr. In fact nearly all skimmers have a maximum recommended level which is set so that the 03 concentration within the skimmer (or more accurately the redox value) can't get to levels where it starts affecting the materials used in construction. The only apparatus that are specifically designed to take high levels of 03 are true ozone reactors. Instructions on 03 generators are usually laid out in accordance with the use of a true ozone reactor rather than use via a skimmer although they may not state so specifically. In the case of input via skimmer, a compromise is usually the case with the skimmer setting the upper limit.

Allot depends on what you are using ozone for. Is it simply for water clarity (in which case 25mg/hr for just 2hrs per day via a timer is more than enough to keep even a 200gallon system sparkling) Are you using it for disease control, (in which case a low constant background level is far better than high levels which can drive redox up too high having other system wide effects), or are you just using it to boost the ORP (redox) value of the system (in itself a complicated subject with no definite advantages in all cases on an otherwise well run aquarium).

There are many reasons for using ozone, and many myths/assumptions about its use on the internet forums etc. My best advice would be to search for information specifically relating to the use of ozone in marine aquaria by respected authors who have actual long term experience with this very powerful substance.

Searching for articles on 'ozone in reef aquarium' by Randy Holmes-Farley Ph.D, or articles by myself are a good starting point.

It is very often the case that excessive levels are employed way beyond those actually required to get good results. It is definitely a case of too much of a good thing can become a bad thing in some situations, so my advice would be to keep to sensible levels within the skimmers capacity, and to employ a method of monitoring the Redox value of the aquarium so you can monitor its affects and limit the possibilities of an overdose, hence the common recommendation to use a 'lower amount' over in more regular short doses, rather than large doses with the ozone generator turned up high.

I hope this has been of help to you.