Hang on protein skimmers and fluidised reactor question | D-D The Aquarium Solution

Hello im goin to convert my jewel 300 litres the old type to 
marine im looking at the mce 600 the mc 500 and the mce 400 can all three be 
put inside the aquarium and if not if you  hang outside of the tank is there 
any risk of flooding if there is a problem like a power cut or the protein 
protein skimmer malfunctions im going to have a reef tank with probably overstocking 
which protein skimmer out of the three do you suggest and i will be getting 
one of your fluideized bed chambers with nx pellets if this help. peace of 
mind i prefer it inside of tank the protein skimmer but if you tell me that its 
impossible to cause a flood i will buy  the one you suggest thank you for 
your help andy


Dear Andy

You could sit the MCE600 or 400 on a stand inside the tank but to be honest it would look awkward and clumsy.

I would definitely mount these on the outside of the tank , water drains back out of the protein skimmers so they cannot flood unless the outlet is physically blocked by something or the cup fills up and overflows.
Even the then the hang on protein skimmer cups have an internal drain meaning that if they over fill the contents drains back into the protein skimmer body.

Thousand of MCE protein skimmers are sold world wide every year and leak reports are exceptionally rare , I can’t remember our last.

You could also use the MC500 internal, much depends on the brace work of the aquarium however.

Our hang on fluidised reactors are designed not to leak but I would advise that you bond the ‘in’ and ‘out’ elbows on with some aquatics grade silicone once you have decided in which direction they work best for your set up.

I had one hanging on the outside of one of our D-D Nano tanks for well over a year and it was fine, as long as you lubricate the seal with vaseline when you change your media a very good leak free seal is maintained.

Hope this helps Tony