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I’ve just purchased a new hydra 26 HD... I’ve put it along side my old one on the tank and there’s a noticeable colour difference in the blues.. has the LED’s been changed on the newer models?
Secondly on my old hydra 26 HD the lenses have melted under the UV LED.. is this a known problem and can the lenses be replaced?


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I have recently changed my Reverse Osmosis membrane and after a few days of it running, the TDS (which was initially very high) has dropped to 47.  Is the issue a faulty membrane, or could it be something else? It is a 50g unit and both of its cartridges are new. The TDS of my tap water is roughly 330. The flow restrictor valve is set at about 45 degrees.

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I read in an article a few years ago that the grain size of Rowaphos had changed however the product that I am now buying seems to be the same and work as well as it always has done. Can you please clarify for me.Thanks Jim

Space in my sump is very limited with all other equipments. I have one single 7” filter sock space. If I remove it would this roller mat fit as a replacement ?

Hi, I have the 80w UV plumbed directly into my return in my 700 liter reef aquarium. My plumbing is 1" but the hose connectors in the UV are much smaller in diameter, which results in significant strangling of the return and reduced flow. I would like to use unions and plumb straight with pvc pipe. Would you be so kind as to advise what type of union thread would work on these units?


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Can you fit a calcium reactor in your 1500 reef tank

My LFS adviced me to install the SK 5000 unit AFTER the skimmer.

The actual situation is that  the return water from the tank goes directly into the Clarisea ( first compartment) and then the water passes through the skimmer.


I have the bypass half open so that the skimmer gets a proper amount of waist to take care of. Is this o.k?


    I'm currently running Bio pellets in a reactor which have done a great job of reducing my No3, however my Po4 is still at 0.4ppm. I'm wondering is it ok to run three separate reactors at the same time, one with Bio pellets, one with Po4 remover and one with carbon?

Hi my white dcs 600 pump keeps stopping i can get it going but its on its way out.can you tell me where i can get a replacement rotor for it as i think this is the problem many thanks mick h

I have a 200 gallon aquarium. 160 display and 40 sump. I'm trying to figure out how many grams to use with my reactor. Is 200 grams correct?

Hello. I have just ordered a nitrate filter and what is the best way to feed water to these to achieve 1-2 drops per second?

I was just wondering I am upgrading my aquarium where I have had filter socks and noticed this product and wondered does this negate the need for a filter sock and works alongside a protein skimmer ? If so which model is suitable for a 536 litre aquarium please ?



Can i ask you guys a question about the clarisea 3000 ?
I have a 400L reef tank with a return pump that pumps around 2500l/h.
Is the 3000 model good for my tank or do i have not enough flow ?


ello, I have Deltec SC2560 internal skimmer. Just wondering where I can get a pump for replacement. Current pump making noise and lost performance. Is this possible to upgrade to DC pump?

    Dear all,
    I have 2 hydra 52 and I need your help to set the lighting.
    I think the way it is configured is out of order and I dont like. I will increase my aquarium and I will need more 3 hydra 52 but I first want to find the right setting to see if I'm satisfied.
    My aquarium has sps and lps.
    Please let me know.