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Quick Start Guide for D-D P4 Pro Cloud Dosing pump

Please note this setup guide is for the Cloud connection of the latest pump version only. (Version supplied with coloured hose and QR code on the back of the unit).



Installing the App

Scan the QR code on quick start leaflet included with the pump and download the app corresponding to the icon below.

Apple users enter the App Store, Android users enter the Play store, search for "Kamoer Remote", find the app and download.

The Kamoer Remote App supports Android 4.4 and above and supports iOS 9.1 and above.


Register your Cloud Account

You will need to register an account and login on the Kamoer remote app before using your dosing pump. Choose to register via E-mail or mobile then follow the onscreen instructions to complete registration and login.



Connect the Dosing pump to the Cloud

Make sure your mobile device is connected to your home network and follow the steps below.

Please note the device does not support 5G Wi-Fi, and cannot use a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot.


Connect the power supply to the DC 12v socket on the side of the dosing pump and plug in to a mains power source.


After the dosing pump is turned on for the first time, the status indicator (red light) will flash slowly and the power indicator (Green) should be on. At this time you will need to use the App to connect the dosing pump to the cloud through the wireless router.


Open the App, click the “+” button in the upper right corner of the device to add the device.


Under the D-D H2Ocean heading select “P4 PRO Dosing pump” in the list of supported devices.

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Enter the login for your WiFi network and tap next when prompted.


Press and hold the “Reset” button on the right panel side of the dosing pump. When the red status indicator flashes twice, and the buzzer sounds twice, release the button immediately.


Wait for another 3 seconds. The red status indicator will then start to flash rapidly to show the device has entered configuration mode.


When the dosing pump is in configuration mode, click the "indicator blinking" button on the App to start the connection. This may take a few moments.


After the connection is successful, the App will pop up to confirm the successful connection and the status light on the dosing pump will show solid red.


The Dosing pump is ready to use.