Clarisea Motor making a noise but not rolling on | D-D The Aquarium Solution

Dear D-D Support

Im not sure if i have an issue with my Clarisea, i can hear the motor turning but the dirty spool isnt actually rolling on, any ideas?

many thanks Steve


Dear Steve

Its possible albeit a rarity that the little screw that holds the Clearisea motors drive peg otherwise known as the Cruciform to the motors spindle has backed out of its thread a little.

This will allow the motors drive spindle to turn inside the peg and you will loose drive even though the motor is actually turning. 

Please remove  the motor from the outer case and check that the screw is tight, if its loose remove the screw and slide the peg off of the shaft, align the hole in the peg with the dimple on the shaft and insert the screw into the peg again and tighten the screw so it bottoms out inside the dimple. You will now have drive back. Please see the images below showing the drive peg in place and off of the shaft to reveal the dimple to give you an idea as to what to look for.
















Also see the video link below which should help you remove and install the motor again