Aquascape clouded water and fish are not happy | D-D The Aquarium Solution

I used the reef putty today whilst attaching a piece of rock to my caribsea rock. 

The tank instantly became cloudy and my fish and corals seemed to get very sick instantly. My torch coral completely closed up and my clownfish and blenny, which arent just fish to me, look like they aren't going to make it through the night. Please contact me urgently to discuss.



We are very sorry to hear about this.

We try to give as much warning as possible on the packaging, the instructions and on the website, not to cloud the water and if it does happen then to stop manipulating the product straight away. What you cannot do with this type of epoxy is to try to bond an unsupported rock or coral as you end up having to keep repositioning it and if you keep working with it in the water then you will wash out the talc filler. 

The talc and the product are not toxic in isolation but release of the talc may cause the oxygen level in the water to drop and this can cause issues with the livestock unless you catch it and stop. I would recommend that you carry out a water change and keep your skimmer running and/or add an airstone to add oxygen to the water. If there is storming like there is here currently then that can also lower the oxygen level and the 2 may have come together. 

Within the hobby there are over 250,000 sticks of Aquascape used every year and we get very few reported issues, 0-6/year. For those users where they manage to cloud the water and get the issues that you are seeing it is obviously very distressing and it is of no comfort to them. You would get the same affect if you added sand to your tank without removing the dust and allowing it to cloud the water. Something I did myself once.

Hopefully with care and oxygenation, you will be able to help the fish to survive

Good luck and fingers crossed as we are all hobbyists.