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AI Hanging Wire Kits AI Hanging Wire Kits AI Hanging Wire Kits AI Hanging Wire Kits AI Hanging Wire Kits AI Hanging Wire Kits

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AI WIRE 03  for D-D rails - £14.99

AI WIRE 04 for single thin heatsink Hydra/Vega/52/26 - £12.99

AI WIRE 05 - for tilt adjustment (single light and EXT rail joining of multiple light units) -£19.99



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AI Hanging Wire Kits

SOL hanging wire kits allow you to easily hang and adjust the height of your AI lighting system as desired.

Changing the height is easy; just press the locking slider for continuous height adjustment.

There are now 3 versions available.

The three hanging wire kits are each designed to fit a particular role and allow easy hanging of the AI SOL lighting systems.
Continuous easy adjustment of the height of the light directly changes the light spread of the light units and so specific adjustment tou your particular aquarium is important.
Three versions are available.
The 05 wire kit is based on the 03 kit but includes an adapter plate to allow the 03 kit to be used to hang a single light unit or in conjunction with the AI EXT rail system.
The adapter plate allows the light balance to be adjusted via the 03 kit style Y cables  to counter any light tilt , this is especially useful when hanging the new AI HD lights as the board array inside the lights means that there is a small weight bias on one side of the light.
The balls of the Y wire are slid into the outer heatsink channels and trapped via the adapter plate for a secure fitment.
This wire kit is designed for use with the slim heatsink used on the Vega and new style Hydra Slim.
Kit consists of 54" stainless wires, , cable glider for seamless height adjustment and fitting to the screw to the celing (rawl plugs or ceiling anchors not included).
This is the latest wire kit and is designed specifically for suspending the new D-D MkII SOL rails
Kit consists of 150cm stainless cables, ceiling attachments, cable gliders for seamless height adjustment and special Y wires with balls on each end which fit into the groove on the top of the rail allowing positioning of the wires other than at the ends of the rail.
HYDRA 52 information :Please be aware that due to the new thicker fan gaurd design for the HYDRA 52 it should only be mounted in the standard configuration across the rails from one rail to another.Trying to slide a unit along a single rail will result in the fan gaurd fouling the bottom of the rail.






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